Well… Here goes.. I decided after what can only be known as the weirdest and most dissatisfying dating history over the last two years and previously having been in a 10 year relationship before this I would share with the world just how difficult it really is in the dating game. From being ghosted by guys to meeting people that were clearly only after a little bit of how’s your father or those that are clearly insane (this is part true) I would ease the minds of all the ladies and confirm ‘each and every one of us singletons are going through the same thing’. Its just that I’ve decided to share my ups and downs with you in hope that it might make you feel a little better when you’re cradling that phone waiting on him to call. I should also let you know I’m by no means a writer nor have I even blogged before so chances are I will say things how I see them and it may not be pretty 😉 Along with my shenanigans I will also share the stories of friends who are dealing with the same cracked up issues as myself. So welcome to the wacky world of wooing in the dating game.

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A little bit about me as oppose to the page as I’m sure you catch the drift on that score. I’m a 37 year old singleton from Ireland (well Northern Ireland) I have been this way for two (kinda glorious) years and although it has taken a while to get back in the saddle I definitely did not do it in style, in fact some might say I fell of the horse into a pile of crap several times but the important thing is that I got back up time after time. Now, for those who have married or ‘occupied’ friends and they don’t understand the logic of why us ladies have to use online dating as a way to meet people these days send them this way for I can rest assure this shit ain’t as easy as it used to be. I was once loved up and engaged, down the line things changed and now here I am giving you my life story, my experiences and hopefully a laugh to get you though those tough times of dating full stop. I have researched (sad I know) just what the actual dating world is all about these days and holy shit balls I’d have survived a war better. More importantly aside from being able to laugh at my pitfalls I’m here to tell you that you aren’t alone.

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If you have a question regarding your epic love life or if you just want to tell me that my dating disasters have made you feel better about yours or if you wanna share with the world a disaster that has happened to you then get typing 🙂